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Let us bring back the glory of your wood




Once we have blasted your wood logs, siding, etc to like new condition, you are left with simply clean, bare wood. We then apply top quality stain products using an airless sprayer


The combination of the best preparation process‎ and the best products allows us to deliver the best finished product.


Over and above our finished product being Top Notch, we are also able to be competitively priced when compared to  most other options because our equipment and processes are so efficient. We are also proud our services are environmentally friendly.





The general standard alternative to our process is to use harsh chemical stripping products to remove weathered old stain.


Besides offering an inferior end result, chemical strippers are harmful to the environment  and pose short and long term risks to your property and and the nearby eco-systems and waterways.


Our process uses 100% recycled crushed glass, that is chemically inert, meaning it poses no risk to the environment, people or pets. Crushed glass is so sensitive that it is the only product certified for use in and around open water ways.


We carefully cover our work areas so we can capture and remove the used glass dust at the end of the process. Any trace amounts remaining around your property will simply incorporate into the surrounding area like a fine sand.


We love that with our process we can help make your property look it's best without sacrificing the health of the surrounding environment or those that enjoy it!